Intel Core i3 N305 specifications and performance

Intel Core i3 N305 is a 8 cores and 8 threads CPU processor produced by Intel. Intel Core i3 N305 was released on 2023-01-03, the fabrication process is 10nm (nanometer), the CPU codename is Alder Lake, the instruction set architecture is x86-64, and the CPU's integrated graphics (iGPU) is UHD Graphics (32EU).

Basic Information

Vendor / Supplier Intel
Short name i3 n305
Release date 2023-01-03
CPU code name Alder Lake
Fabrication process 10nm (nanometer)
Instruction set architecture x86-64
Market Laptop
Integrated Graphics (iGPU) UHD Graphics (32EU)

CPU core specifications

Total number of cores 8 cores
Total number of threads 8 threads
Number of performance cores
Number of performance core threads
Performance core base frequency / main frequency
Performance core maximum turbo frequency
Number of energy efficiency cores 8 cores
Number of energy-efficient core threads 8 threads
Energy efficiency core basic frequency / main frequency 1.8GHz
Energy efficiency core maximum turbo frequency 3.9GHz

CPU cache and frequency

Bus frequency 100MHz
L1 Cache 96 KB
L2 Cache 2 MB
L3 Cache 6 MB
Unlock multiplier No

Memory specifications

Maximum supported memory 16GB
Memory frequency support
  • - DDR5-4800MHz
  • - DDR4-3200MHz
  • - LPDDR5-4800MHz
Maximum number of memory channels 1
Maximum memory bandwidth
ECC support No

Package specifications

CPU Socket BGA-1744
Default thermal design power / TDP PL1 9W
Maximum Turbo Power Consumption / TDP PL2
Maximum temperature 105°C
PCIe interface PCIe 3.0
PCIe lane count 9

Integrated Graphics specifications

Integrated Graphics (iGPU) Intel UHD Graphics (32EU)
Base frequency 300MHz
Maximum acceleration frequency 1250MHz
Number of execution units 32
Stream Processors / Shading Units 256
Texture Units / TMUs 16
Raster Operations Units / ROPs 8
Total Graphics Power / TGP 45W
FP32 computing performance

Cinebench R23 performance test

Single core performance score
Multi-core performance score

PassMark performance test

Single core performance score
Multi-core performance score
Integer math 35 GOps/sec
Floating point math 23 GOps/sec
Find prime numbers 26 Million Primes/sec (Millions find prime numbers per second)
Random string sorting 15.1 Million Strings/sec (Millions random string sorting per second)
Data encryption 8.2 GBytes/sec (Gigabits per second)
Data compression 115.5 MBytes/sec (megabits per second)
Physics simulation 622 Frames/sec (FPS)
Extended instruction test 5.8 Billion Matrices/sec (Billions matrix operations per second)

GeekBench v6 performance test

Single core performance
Multi-core performance
File compression 447.7 MB/sec (megabits per second)
clang compilation 41.7 Klines/sec (thousands lines per second)
HTML5 browsing 123.7 pages/sec (pages per second)
PDF rendering 162.8 Mpixels/sec (megapixels per second)
Text processing 167.4 pages/sec (pages per second)
Background blur 25 images/sec (images per second)
Photo processing 42.1 images/sec (images per second)
Ray tracing 7.03 Mpixels/sec (megapixels per second)