Intel Core i5 13450HX specifications and performance

Intel Core i5 13450HX is a 10 cores and 16 threads CPU processor produced by Intel. Intel Core i5 13450HX was released on 2023-01-03, the fabrication process is 10nm (nanometer), the CPU codename is Raptor Lake, the instruction set architecture is x86-64, and the CPU's integrated graphics (iGPU) is UHD Graphics (16EU).

Basic Information

Vendor / Supplier Intel
Short name i5 13450hx
Release date 2023-01-03
CPU code name Raptor Lake
Fabrication process 10nm (nanometer)
Instruction set architecture x86-64
Market Laptop
Integrated Graphics (iGPU) UHD Graphics (16EU)

CPU core specifications

Total number of cores 10 cores
Total number of threads 16 threads
Number of performance cores 6 cores
Number of performance core threads 12 threads
Performance core base frequency / main frequency 2.4GHz
Performance core maximum turbo frequency 4.6GHz
Number of energy efficiency cores 4 cores
Number of energy-efficient core threads 4 threads
Energy efficiency core basic frequency / main frequency 1.8GHz
Energy efficiency core maximum turbo frequency 3.4GHz

CPU cache and frequency

Bus frequency 100MHz
L1 Cache 80 KB
L2 Cache 2 MB
L3 Cache 20 MB
Unlock multiplier Yes

Memory specifications

Maximum supported memory 192GB
Memory frequency support
  • - DDR5-4800MHz
  • - DDR4-3200MHz
Maximum number of memory channels 2
Maximum memory bandwidth 76.8GB/s
ECC support Yes

Package specifications

CPU Socket BGA-1964
Default thermal design power / TDP PL1 45W
Maximum Turbo Power Consumption / TDP PL2 157W
Maximum temperature 100°C
PCIe interface PCIe 5.0
PCIe lane count 20

Integrated Graphics specifications

Integrated Graphics (iGPU) Intel UHD Graphics (16EU)
Base frequency 350MHz
Maximum acceleration frequency 1450MHz
Number of execution units 16
Stream Processors / Shading Units 128
Texture Units / TMUs 16
Raster Operations Units / ROPs 8
Total Graphics Power / TGP 15W
FP32 computing performance

Cinebench R23 performance test

Single core performance score
Multi-core performance score

PassMark performance test

Single core performance score
Multi-core performance score
Integer math 85 GOps/sec
Floating point math 63 GOps/sec
Find prime numbers 84 Million Primes/sec (Millions find prime numbers per second)
Random string sorting 32 Million Strings/sec (Millions random string sorting per second)
Data encryption 17.1 GBytes/sec (Gigabits per second)
Data compression 313.8 MBytes/sec (megabits per second)
Physics simulation 1522 Frames/sec (FPS)
Extended instruction test 19.5 Billion Matrices/sec (Billions matrix operations per second)

GeekBench v6 performance test

Single core performance
Multi-core performance
File compression 943.2 MB/sec (megabits per second)
clang compilation 76.5 Klines/sec (thousands lines per second)
HTML5 browsing 238.8 pages/sec (pages per second)
PDF rendering 310.4 Mpixels/sec (megapixels per second)
Text processing 236 pages/sec (pages per second)
Background blur 49.8 images/sec (images per second)
Photo processing 98.6 images/sec (images per second)
Ray tracing 19.6 Mpixels/sec (megapixels per second)